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Our company offers customized cleaning service according to your needs.

A cleaning of these characteristics is an opportunity to respond to the trust placed by the clients and represents an effective service of continuous improvement.

For them, we structure the service in three phases:
I - We evaluate the service for free.
II- Maintenance and proposed cleaning recommendations.
III- Start-up and monitoring of the service.


Choosing the efficient and economical cleaning service for home and business and getting the best possible result is not as easy as it seems. You must know how to select the right cleaning company to carry out this task. That's why at All Cleaning Miami we have the right tools and personnel for each job. Cleaning is essential anywhere, be it in your workplace, in a public place or in a house, as there are surfaces that accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and mites, with the health risks that this represents. For this reason, it is essential to have an adequate cleaning services company to guarantee the health and hygiene of the personnel of your company or family, offering maximum guarantees.




  • Surface dust horizontal surfaces of desks, credenzas, tables, filing cabinets.

  • We clean the horizontal surfaces to eliminate spills, marks and rings.

  • We empty all trash and recycling bins and remove them to a collection point.

  • Replace coatings as necessary.

  • We clean the fingerprints and stains of the entrance glass and the doors.

  • All hard surface floors.Sweep and mop

  • We clean hard floors of hard surfaces to remove dirt and debris.

  • We clean with a disinfectant to eliminate mites.

  • We clean all the counters, chairs and tables with a disinfectant.

  • We clean and disinfect sinks and splash zones.

  • We clean the exterior of the appliances.

  • Dust all accessible horizontal surfaces.

  • Fill paper supplies as needed.

  • We wet-clean all cabinets, doors and drawer fronts to remove grease and dirt.



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